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Shopify vs WooCommerce

However far you are in your e-commerce journey, this question
keeps popping up: Which platform is best to get selling online in the
best possible way?


In this live and interactive session, we put the industry’s two leading products up against each other.


Which e-commerce platform is better? Shopify or WooCommerce?


In the green (Shopify) we have maverick of the South African e-commerce industry and returning OnlineX community leader, Melissa Rowlston. In the purple (WooCommerce) we have Felix Norton, MD of WOWW. Having built and managed over 50 online stores, Norton and his team have great experience in building and growing profitable e-commerce sites with WooCommerce.  


Secure your free ringside seat for Wednesday, 12 August, from 4pm-5pm.

Would you like more intimate time to speak to our expert presenters and get advice on your most pressing issues? Book a 'backstage pass’ now. Only a limited amount of these passes are available


Our celebrity ref is Joel Bronkowski, head of Strategic Partnerships at Paystack. Bronkowski is one of just a few people who have managed to work at both WooCommerce (Automattic) and, more recently, Shopify, and is well equipped to make sure both contestants sweat!

What you’ll take out:

  • Comparing product specs without using the product is very difficult. We are putting you in front of two of the people who have used these products to the max.

  • Discover the pros and cons of whether to go for an ‘e-commerce-first strategy’ or a ‘website-first strategy’.

  • How to weigh up cost versus sophistication. Do you need to invest a lot of money or can you build a great offering without overspending?

  • How to ensure you choose the most suitable e-commerce platform so that you don’t end up building twice.

  • Understand why some of the world’s biggest brands choose Shopify while others go for WooCommerce.

  • Whether you’re a startup or an established business, learn how to scale up your e-commerce offering to the next level.

  • Your e-commerce platform is a vehicle, but you still need to drive it. Come and find out how.


What you can expect:

  • Ringside seats

  • In-depth interactive talk

  • Open Q&A and backstage pass

  • Lively debate

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