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Simon and Peter are not your average accountants. If you’re looking for a suit and tie, you’ve come to the wrong place. They are not number crunchers, calculators or paper pushers.

They believe in integrating technology with accounting practices to achieve the highest level of efficiency and are on a mission to help businesses boost their financial performance.

Simon is a chartered accountant with a degree in business science. He is passionate about using tech to help businesses streamline processes, build efficiencies and grow their profits.

Peter, one of the SAICA Top 35-under-35, has a passion for people and technology and uses his skills and know-how to make business financially nimble and resilient.

Tuesday, 13 October

FREE OnlineX Gathering  

Become financially nimble and resilient

The Magner brothers


Tuesday, 13 October, 4pm-5pm

What you can expect:

  • In-depth interactive talk; and

  • An open Q&A. 

What you’ll take out:

  • COVID-19 has dealt a significant blow to the economy and caused enormous financial stress on individuals and companies. A little extra cash could be the difference between your business living and dying. It is time for every business owner to think fiercely about budgeting and understand the critical numbers that are going to help you survive and thrive.

  • Established companies (big and small) are feeling the heat. New businesses are fighting the bleak statistic of a high chance of failure within the first two years of launching. Learn how to mitigate your risks by implementing sound financial management practices now.

  • Find out how to become a nimble and resilient business in an increasingly challenging business environment.

  • Discover what tech you need to integrate to streamline your processes, improve efficiencies and save costs.

  • Get ideas on the right partners that will help you transform your business’s financial health.

  • Understand how businesses grew and boomed after the 2007/2008 financial crisis – and how we can apply those learnings today.

  • Uncover the best way to implement simple strategies that will help you manage your finances 100 times better.

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