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GAT2042_22 April_Boosting Productivity_E

Irit Levi | Founder of Day By Day, Workflow Junkie, and lover
of all things tech

Tips and tech to boost workplace productivity
How to choose the right tools to simplify your company’s
workflow and make your life easier.

“Even the fanciest software is useless if your workflow is sloppy, your team disorganised, or your project poorly managed.” - Irit Levi

Thursday, 29 April 4pm-5pm SAST

GAT2042_22 April_Boosting Productivity_E

What to expect from this webinar:

  • Ideas on how to optimise your processes and transform your business.


  • Tips and tools to give you more time and headspace to do what you do best.


  • How you should define a basic workflow for your company.


  • The best tech that will help you improve your processes and efficiencies needed to grow your business.


  • This session is designed to give you ideas on how you should streamline your operations so that you can spend less time on laborious admin and more time on building profits.


The workflow that will be presented will include:


  • Finances (payment processing & invoicing tools)

  • Scheduling (scheduling apps, online calendars)

  • Managing your contacts and pipeline (CRMs)

  • Meetings (Zoom, Google Meet, MS Team)

  • Proposals (Proposify, Better Proposals, Practice Better, Practice Ignition and many more)

  • Contracts (Online signature software – Hello Sign, DocuSign, etc)

  • Onboarding (project management tools)

  • Ongoing engagement (ESP)

  • Feedback (Forms)

Bonus: Automations and integrations

Thursday 29 April 4pm-5pm SAST

About our speaker:

Irit Levi | Founder of Day By Day, Workflow Junkie, and lover of all things tech

Over 11 years as a manager and an in-house product owner at a SaaS startup have given Levi robust knowledge of the most cutting-edge software on
the market.
With this sort of high-level experience behind her, Levi has a special knack for translating the 328 tasks on your plate into concrete, step-by-step processes that propel your business forward.
When you waste 0.0 minutes on inefficiency, you can get more done in far less time.
In this session, Levi will show you how to get on the path of translating chaos into order.

What you’ll take out:

Are you tired of:


  • Wasting hours and hours on unnecessary admin?

  • The laborious manual labour of processes that should be automated?

  • Activities that suck your time and take you away from focusing on making money?


 This session will show you:

  • Why it’s important to define a workflow process;

  • The steps you need to take to get started;

  • The most effective app options that could transform your business;

  • What the most important features are that you need to look out for; and

  • Why you don’t need to pay big money when FREE options are available.