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Chaya Glatt | Mad Brand Strategist & Copywriter, International Speaker

How to Create a Brilliant Brand Strategy for
Your Business:

The 5 steps that put your brand on steroids
and win customer loyalty

"Branding matters in business, and you know it!" - Chaya Glatt  

Thursday 6 May | 4pm-5pm SAST

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Branding matters in business, and you know it. But that doesn’t mean diving right into logo colors or brainstorming catchy brand names and taglines. 


Here’s the truth about branding that even some of the biggest design agencies won’t tell you: It’s not just an art. It’s a science.


Truth: You’re in business to make money. You spend on branding because you want to achieve short-term sales goals and long-term positioning goals, not because you love gorgeous designs or enjoy playing with your favorite colors.


That’s why before you brand or rebrand, you want to make sure you’re answering the 5 big questions every business absolutely must answer to effectively connect with an audience and make money.


In this exclusive live free webinar, international brand strategist and copywriter Chaya Glatt  breaks down the must-take steps to successfully branding your business and winning long-lasting emotional loyalty from your customer base.

Thursday 6 May | 4pm-5pm SAST

About our international speaker:

Chaya Glatt

Mad brand strategist | Copywriter

Chaya Glatt is a brand strategist, business name specialist and copywriter who helps high-performing businesses transform into big-league brands.


She’s the creator of the MAD brand strategy formula, international speaker, and developer of Brand Authority, a beta training program for creatives. 


Chaya is passionate about creating larger-than-life brands that have a strong emotional bond with their audiences.  She has little to no tolerance for creative nonsense and is a strong advocate for goal-focused, data-driven branding and marketing.


In this session, Chaya will break down the must-take steps to expertly brand your business -  and thereby ensure you’re heard above the clamoring voices of your competitors.

What you can expect:

  • An actionable game plan to build your brand

  • Open Q&A

  • Live polls

What you’ll take out:

  • Get strategies that multimillion dollar businesses use to find out what their customers really care about. (Surprise: almost anyone can do this.)

  • Learn Chaya’s 3-part MAD formula for research-driven brand messaging. (Because you want your marketing dollars spent on a sound hypothesis, not on guesswork.)

  • Find out how to translate audience insights into brand touchpoints like your logo, business name, and core brand messaging.


  • Watch a step-by-step demo of Chaya’s brand strategy research process, and walk away with actionable next steps for your business.

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