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Free OnlineX Gathering

‘Why now’s the time to launch your e-commerce business’

Andy Higgins, managing director of uAfrica

Thursday, 20 August, 4pm-5pm

Think e-commerce, think Andy Higgins, managing director of uAfrica. He will be speaking at our upcoming OnlineX Gathering, on Thursday, 20 August, from 4pm-5pm. 

Covid-19 caught many companies off guard. Over the last number of months, businesses have been scrambling to launch ecommerce businesses. Many have called this period the next ‘Goldrush’. Is it all hype? Or is it real?

Join Andy for a FREE, in-depth, interactive webinar session: ‘Why now’s the time to launch your e-commerce business’, where he will give you practical tools, guidance and resources to help you cash in on the e-commerce wave.

About Andy Higgins

Andy Higgins is an experienced professional in all aspects of ecommerce including online marketplaces, payments and logistics. He has worked in the ecommerce industry his entire career spanning more than two decades across 5 continents.

Andy founded bidorbuy and was instrumental in starting PayFast in South Africa while also having been involved in the early stages of

Andy has served on a number of boards including bidorbuy, PayFast, Private Property and uAfrica. A career highlight includes working closely with the Shopify team in Canada to launch the Shopify eCommerce platform in South Africa.

What you can expect:

  • In-depth interactive talk; and

  • An open Q&A.

What you’ll take out:

  1. Some e-commerce businesses have been successful, some have failed. What do you need to know before you take the leap?

  2. Understand the critical factors that make (or break) an e-commerce business.

  3. There has never been a better time to launch an e-commerce offering. And it's easier than ever. Learn about the best e-commerce solutions for your business and how to get online quickly and start making sales.

  4. Understand why trust, security and safety are the biggest obstacles to customers buying online – and how to overcome it.

  5. Are you paralysed by indecision because you don’t know where to start? Gain kick-off insights from an expert with over two decades of experience.

  6. We’re going to give you key quickfire take-outs:

  • How to launch your e-commerce offering quickly and effectively.

  • Online versus offline? How to navigate the world of omnichannel.

  • How to increase your conversion rates by understanding why customers abandon shopping carts.

  • Online payments: Are all payment platforms created equal? How to choose the right one for your business.

  • Logistics – the ‘forgotten child’: Understand why this is your most critical consideration right now.

  • How to get customers to your website, and how to convince them to part with their money.

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