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Digital Career Spotlight:
Is a well-paying career in Digital Marketing right for me?

What if you could find a creative, brainy, and lucrative career without leaving your job, going back to school, or starting from scratch?


Are you looking for a well-paying, brain-tickling career where you can use your intelligence and your creativity?

Are you (or do you know anyone that is)


  • a career-hunting grad with left-brain smarts & a right-brain strength?

  • a matriculant who doesn't want to go the college route - but wants a guaranteed path to a lucrative + challenging career?

  • a  growth-oriented professional looking to expand their skill set and is fascinated by technology and human behaviour?

  • currently employed and looking to expand your skill set (and career opportunities) in an exciting field? 


And do you... 

  • enjoy writing, creative thinking and want to make a career that includes an element of creativity

  • love human psychology, and want to make a positive impact on people's lives - every single day

  • think strategically + analyse information, and the boring maths/accounting roles are not your thing

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this webinar has YOUR name on it.


Join Danny Gavin, sought-after professor + digital marketing pro, as he maps out the exact steps you need to build an exciting, rewarding and challenging life of a digital marketer

Danny Gavin
Chief strategist and founder at Optidge
and adjunct professor at the University of Houston


In this never-before exclusive webinar, you'll learn


  • the exact steps that will turn you into a sought-after and well-paid digital marketer - even with no experience (and the salary you can expect)

  • how to put together an amazing portfolio so recruiters are banging at your door (even if you've never worked in the field)

  • the dozens of different jobs available to you when you master the basics (and how to hunt down the perfect job - and run from the bad ones)

  • what the possible career advancements are once you have a couple of years of robust experience (the sky is the limit. literally)

  • the quickest + most reliable way to break into the market - even if you have ZERO experience, skills or knowledge (hint: it's not by working for free) 

  • what types of people excel, and enjoy, digital marketing (and how to tell if you're one of them)

PLUS Live Q&A where you can get Danny's expert answers to your most pressing questions.

About Danny:

Danny Gavin is the founder and chief strategist of award-winning digital agency. He's also a professor at the University of Houston where he's taught hundreds of students who agree that "your class was the most worthwhile of my entire MBA".


After attending Danny's classes, many looking-for-the-perfect-career students (with no prior knowledge of digital or marketing) , found their calling and have gone on to work the top digital marketing agencies across America, as well as running in-house entire digital marketing departments. 

Sounds interesting?


It is more than interesting. 


This webinar could be the door to the financially secure future you've been dreaming of - while doing something you love.

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