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A beginners guide to building a Wordpress website

Hi, my name is Dan Elkabir. And this is a beginner's guide to building a WordPress website. So let's start off with your domain. This is the setup phase. And first and foremost, you need to find a domain. Now that sounds a lot easier than it actually is. The world of domains are filling up fast and furious. And to find domain is Wow, a big challenge these days. So the first recommendation is keep it local. Especially if you're a business that doesn't break the borders of this country don't sell it today is perfectly okay. In sometimes it's even better. If you still can't find a, then get creative with the domain name, you can spell it slightly differently, add a word remove a word and get a little bit creative with that. And if you still can't find it, there are domains that they themselves are very creative. So where it used to be that we used to have local domains .coms .org and .net.

Nowadays you can there's a whole host of very various domain names. So if you're a school, you can find a .school if you're a music agency, you can find a .music is pretty much a domain for every type of business out there. So you can always do that.

You would get your domain from your hosting provider in this country, I would strongly recommend Xneelo. They are a fantastic hosting provider with good pricing and really, really good service. So that's make sure when you're purchasing a hosting option from them that you get a MySQL database included in that. So this is the database that actually allows WordPress to run. And therefore at the very bare minimum, we need one MySQL database.

Don't worry, it sounds technical, but there is an option with all these hosting providers. The next stage is definitely in the most technical and the most, I would say difficult parts of this whole process is installing WordPress. So if you're a technical person and you liked the challenge, then I would suggest going into YouTube and just typing in how to install WordPress. If you're not up for the challenge, then I would go into something like and look for a practitioner will help you install WordPress, it's a very cheap, quick thing to do. Again, just to emphasize the beauty of WordPress is everything is free, you could do everything for free. But sometimes we need a little bit of help. I would say if you're not technical, this is one of those places where I would enlist some help.

The next phase is the most boring, dry phase of this whole process. But it does help save a lot of time in the long run. So let's plan let's start with the end in mind. Again, the beauty of WordPress is it allows you to branch out into many other areas once you've started the project. So today, you can have a five page very basic brochure website. And you can add on functionalities such as ecommerce, such as you know, pretty much anything as you go along. But it's always a good idea to start with that end point in mind, what do I want to achieve out of this, and where is my business, you know, where's my business going to be at a few years from now and start with that in mind,

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