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How to Fulfill an order with Uafrica

Hi there. Thank you for joining me in this quick video just to show you guys how to fulfill an order on the uAfrica platform. So what you need to do is you need to just quickly go to your orders page, which you can see on your left hand side. There's multiple ways where you can fulfill an order on the uAfrica dashboard. One of the ways that you can just quickly click on that order number there, and then just quickly edit where the parcel needs to go, your shipping address here, and then you can then from there, click fulfill, which will then take you or redirect you to the estimate page.

If you go back to orders again, what we ideally recommend is, if you click on More shipment options for you to be able to add any additional information with regard to that specific order, such as, if you have multiple collection addresses, you can then specify where you want the specific parcel to be collected from second of all, is just specifying parcel details. By default, we display the dimensions of the standard courier bed, however, you can then click on the drop down, and then put in you different dimensions of the parcel, as well as the weight of the parcel, and then just quickly refresh the quotation, then we'll just quickly update your quotation. So if also you want to add any additional parcels to that specific order, what you can do is you can just quickly click on this Add parcel, and then add another parcel. And then just customize the dimensions as you wish. So you can just quickly refresh the quotation and then it will provide you with an updated list of quotations from the couriers. So the third section is for you just to basically select the courier option, you see.

So when you are on this section, you will be able to see quotations are based on the cheapest code, the quickest code, or all quotations are available from the courier partners day. So if you then scroll down as well, to additional options, you'll be able to add insurance. If you guys want to add insurance on that specific parcel, which is calculated at 2% of the item, shipping label size. Basically, the platform allows for you to download the waybill in different sizes. It starts with a4, a5 and a6. So you can then select the different, the waybill size that you want to download there. Shipping surcharges is just essentially, if you then know, if your parcel is going to an embassy from or plot or a shopping mall, , it's recommended that you just quickly include that so that their shipping surcharges are calculated in the quotations as well. And then we also have section you can basically put in collection instructions and delivery instructions for the specific quarter, which will then be displayed on the waybill once it's been generated.

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