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28 July 1, 2021 04 PM

Covid-19 caught many companies off guard. Over the last year, businesses have been scrambling to launch ecommerce businesses. 


Some have been successful, a lot have failed.


In their haste to capitalise on the ecommerce boom, many companies rushed to launch online businesses - without the proper planning. 


So, what do you need to know before you take the leap? And how do you set yourself up for success? It is critical to understand the factors that make (or break!) an ecommerce business.

In this session we will discover:


  • How to assess the demand for your product

  • How to conduct competitor analysis

  • How to unlock your unique selling proposition



  • How to choose the right website integration or marketplace for your product.

  • The opportunities and challenges of social shopping


  • Resource planning

  • Costing your build, operations, marketing and delivery solutions

  • Are you paralysed by indecision because you don’t know where to start? Gain kick-off insights from an expert with decades of experience

  • Already online? This session will help you stress test and refocus your strategy

  • Learn how to de-risk your business by covering all the bases

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