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4 Aug, 2021 04 PM

Figuring out how to build an ecommerce business can be a challenge. There are a whole new set of rules when you take your business online.


How protected is your business from a cyber attack? Can you afford to have operational and selling downtime? A breach in online security could potentially put you out of business.


What about your customer experience? In an era where tech giants are taking the online buying process to the proverbial ‘next level’, it is very difficult to meet customer expectations. So, how do you build your online offering in a way that exceeds customer expectations?


And with a myriad of tech out there, how do you choose the right tools and solutions for your business? Getting it wrong could derail your processes, your efficiencies and your profits!


These issues are only the tip of the iceberg.

In this session we will discover:

Tech Stack

  • How to choose between WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, an existing marketplace or a custom build

  • ERP, CRM, stock management and logistic integrations

  • What you can do yourself and when to call in an expert

  • How to secure your site from cyber attacks


User experience

  • How to create an amazing user experience (UX) for your customers

  • How to craft your site to come up first on Google

  • Copywriting tools and tricks that will optimise your site for sales

  • Still don’t know where to start?
    This session will give you the A-B-C’s


  • Select the right tech stack for your business

  • Discover how simple user experience (UX) thinking will transform your customers’ journey

  • Optimise your website to transform it into your
    top-performing salesperson

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