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11 Aug, 2021 04 PM

Building, designing and running an e-commerce website is hard, but receiving quality converting traffic is even harder.

You have invested a lot in your website and it looks great. The problem is that no one is visiting it.

Do you think prospective customers are coming to look for you? What  if they aren’t? How do you ensure that you’re building a solid flow of traffic and generating real leads?

You’ve heard about SEO, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other social channels. Your competitors are all over these and they are creaming it.

How do you start creating a flood of inbound leads?

In this session we will guide you through these critical stages:

Building a cross channel promotion strategy

  • How to assess the demand for your product

  • How to conduct competitor analysis

  • How to unlock your unique selling proposition


Performance management

  • How to choose the right website integration or marketplace for your product.

  • The opportunities and challenges of social shopping

  • Learn how to select the right social channels to find them first

  • Find out how to invest in a social campaign without blowing your marketing budget

  • Get insights on how to ensure that you win customers and not just generate leads

  • Understand how to reach customers at the beginning of their buying journey and how to ensure that they are searching for you

  • Tired of your competitors showing up first on Google? Find out how to get your company and products to the top of the page

  • Learn how to choose the right marketing tech for your business

  • Determine how to assess whether your marketing is firing on all cylinders

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