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18 Aug, 2021 04 PM

Once you have your products figured out, your website set up and your marketing set, the next step is making sales. It's easy right? Not really. Even the most beautifully designed website and lots of traffic may not be enough to drive sales!


But what does that mean? How can you have a good amount of traffic but people are just not buying your products? 


The answer, most obviously, is that you’re not converting your traffic. This can be really frustrating, especially when you don’t know exactly what’s causing your low sales.

In this session we will help you close the deal by understanding:


  • Your customers’ experience on your website



  • How to create sticky content that ensures your customers come back for more


  • How to guide them from brand awareness to conversion and how to ensure
    low cart abandonment rates

  • Learn how to apply simple user experience practice that will transform your customers’ online experience and ensure they engage, buy and come back

  • Decrease cart abandonment rates by 30% 

  • Increase your conversion rate by more than 10X

  • Achieve lower bounce rates and higher customer engagement

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