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25 Aug, 2021 04 PM

Customer’s needs have changed dramatically, with most now expecting a fast and reliable delivery service.


Many companies spend buckets of cash attracting and converting customers -  only to let them down at the final stage.


Failure to meet your commitments will lose you business. Getting it right will ensure you delight your customers and have them returning for more.

In this session we will help you:

Understand your delivery options

  • Single partner vs multi partner approaches

  • Price planning

  • Mapping out your customers experience

  • Warehousing and Storage logistics

  • Pick and Pack Solutions

  • Learn how to offer a first class delivery service that guarantees your clients will come back for more

  • Get insights into how to ensure you pick a reliable and cost-effective delivery solution that won’t erode your margins

  • Uncover key areas that will streamline your logistics processes and ensure you deliver on time, within budget and to a happy customer

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