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1 Sep, 2021 04 PM

You’ve invested the money in your ecommerce business. How do you know if you’re performing?


And what aspect of your campaigns are bringing in the best results? Don’t know? Well that could mean that you’re spending a whole lot of cash on stuff that’s not working - and probably underspending in the areas that are driving the business!


The most successful ecommerce businesses make decisions based on metrics. They know the state of their performance at all times and know which levers to push in order to grow. The old adage, “If you don’t measure it, you cannot manage it” is particularly crucial for l ecommerce businesses.

In this session we will help you understand:

Why continuous performance measurement is critical

  • Assessing what is working

  • Avoiding wasteful spend

  • Focusing on the activities that deliver


What to measure

  • Including conversion rates, sales volumes, drop off rates, cart abandonment, user behaviour and channel performance

The Ecommerce tool kit

  • Google Analytics

  • Social Analytics

  • User experience tools

  • Discover how you can fine-tune your strategies and tactics to improve your store’s performance and bottom line

  • Get to know the best tracking technology so that you can make quick and commercial changes to your campaigns

  • Find out how to make better-informed decisions regarding conversions and revenue, marketing, customer satisfaction, and operations

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