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Nikki Elbaz

Global email copywriting specialist

Free OnlineX Gathering

Email marketing is your secret weapon

How to boost your sales without spending money

Wednesday, 2 December, 4pm-5pm, SAT

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GAT2027_10 November_WIP_01.png

It is estimated that over 3 billion people are using email right now. This makes it the perfect channel for your marketing strategy.

Nikki Elbaz, head of Email at Copyhackers, shows us how we can design effective and strategic email marketing campaigns that sell.


Join Elbaz for a FREE, in-depth, interactive webinar session: ‘Email marketing is your secret weapon: How to boost your sales without spending money’, where she will give you no-nonsense, hard-hitting tips and tools on how to launch an email marketing campaign that delivers.

Still not convinced? Watch below to see why you should attend

What you can expect:

  • Real, actionable strategies and techniques from our experts.

  • A tested playbook from the best in the industry.

  • Open Q&A.

About our speakers:

Nikki Elbaz

Nikki Elbaz is among the world’s foremost conversion copywriters and email specialists, behind emails for eight-figure brands like Shopify Plus, Prezi and Sprout Social. She serves as head of Email for The Lab by Copyhackers, and also consults with brands looking to increase their email ROI. She’s an expert in using research to understand why customers buy (and in writing emails that make them do just that).


Nikki had dreams of becoming a copywriter since she was eight years old. She fell in love with a marketing campaign from Heinz called “Talking Labels” (featuring quotes and witticisms on every ketchup bottle) and spent every childhood grocery trip pulling down all the bottles (and annoying every manager).



Eliana Cline. 

Our host and moderator.

Cline is part maths geek, part word-worshipper. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Witwatersrand in mathematics and now uses her obsession with data, love affair with words and interests in human psychology to write copy that results in action. 


She writes web and email copy using science, behavioural psychology and engaging writing to help businesses get more quality leads, conversions and market share of voice.   


In this session, Cline will work with Elbaz to squeeze out all you need to know about email marketing. And how to use smart email copy to convert your data into sales.

What you’ll take out:

Eight reasons why email marketing gives you explosive growth:

  • Are you sitting on a goldmine and don’t know it? Email marketing gives you unprecedented reach, only comparable to social media channels. But where the capabilities of social media fall short, email comes out tops.

  • It is estimated that over 3 billion people are using email right now. This makes it the perfect channel for your marketing strategy. In today’s hyper-digital environment, it’s a safe bet that everyone in your target audience uses email.

  • Learn how to build a killer email list from nothing

  • We’ll highlight four hard-hitting reasons why you MUST prioritise email marketing (even over your social or PPC efforts, and yes, even in your industry).

  • Find out the number one mistake everyone makes when planning out their email marketing strategy (and why it bottlenecks everything). 

  • Uncover the exact three things you need to get started (even if you’ve already tried and failed).

  • You will learn how often you should email your list (and how to not annoy subscribers).

  • Discover the fastest way to make money from your list (even if you’ve never hit send on a single email).

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