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Yep! Entrepreneur Bootcamp | 10 Tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur

I'm sure every business owner who starts a business wants to become a successful entrepreneur, I'm going to share 10 tips with you on becoming such an entrepreneur.

Number one, you need to unlock your creativity. Sometimes you have to solve complex and difficult problems, and there's no script for it. And you have to really think about how you're going to solve it. You can only do it if you allow yourself to be creative around solving those problems.

Number two, you must always seek to add value by identifying the real things that keep your customers awake at night. When you understand that you are able to solve the problem because you will know how to position yourself as the person that can solve that pain.

Number three, you need to really invest time to define and articulate your dream your mission, understanding why you do what you do, and then tell a great story so that you can become the biggest fan of your business. It's when you are the biggest fan of your business that other people will be inspired to follow your lead.

Number four, always Redeem the time. That means you want to make wise daily decisions. You want to learn how to say no when it matters. And you want to make sure you always allocate most of your time to the top 4% of the activities,that is going to help you move your money needle.

Number five, keep your overheads as low as possible. Always. There's nothing that brings a business crashing down to the ground easier than when there's too many overheads keep it low.

Number six, prioritize marketing. People only buy from you when they hear about your product. And when they understand that it's the best way in which they're going to solve their problems.

Number seven, sell like your life depends on it. You have to make it work, the stakes are simply too high for you to fail. Make sure you pull out all the stops. Make sure you've got good sales processes in place so that your selling can happen.

Number eight, predict your cash flow. If you don't have cash, you don't have a business. Make very wise decisions before you let money flow out of your bank account.

Number nine, remember to keep executing, and keep score. Measure the most important things of your business. So you can understand whether you're making a success or not.

And then lastly, but not least of all, as the person running the business as the biggest fan of your own business, you must also be a person with a very strong character. There are so many stumbling blocks along the way. There is enough reasons for you not to do what you do, otherwise everybody else would have done it. So make sure that you don't see yourself as a victim of your circumstances. See yourself as the hero. Make sure you know the right way to engage conflict. It's tough out there.There is gonna be conflict and you want to engage it and make sure you come out on top. Be relentlessly optimistic and lastly, have a growth mindset. Those are all important characteristics for you as a successful entrepreneur.

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