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Yep! Entrepreneur Bootcamp | 3 marketing mistakes every entrepreneur should avoid

It is no secret that small business owners waste so much money on marketing. And I'm going to give you the top three marketing money wasters and what you can do instead.

So number one, branding and logos and names and tagline and messaging, it's all part of that elusive thing we call our brands. And instead of throwing a ton of money at it, I want you to be aware of this one simple fact. Your brand is the problem you solve for your clients in your unique way. That's it. Whether you sell a product or service, how what you sell solves a problem for your audience. That's your brand. Everything else is gravy. It's visual aids, and colors and rainbows and words. But the core of your brand, is that everything else is made to reflect it.

Marketing money waster number two, this is probably the biggest one of all, websites! because we all know, if you have a website, you're in business, and if you don't, you're not right? Wrong! More important than having a website is being clear on all of the things about your business that would go on a website. Who do you serve? What are you providing for them? What's your offer? What's the pricing? How are you communicating that to them? How are they purchasing it? How does this business actually operate? A website is just kind of a documentation of that on the internet. Once you know all that information, it's easy to build a professional website for super cheap, that will actually yes, sell.

And the third and last big marketing money waster is paid ads. Now, I just told you about branding. I told you about websites But if I don't have any paid ads, how do I get business? Oh, social media? What if I don't like social media? So here's the thing, you just need one way of getting people's attention and guiding them to your offer. Whether it's getting people on a phone call or to check out a website or a sales funnel or your social media page where they can purchase. You just need what we call a promotional strategy, a promotional method. You don't have to pay money for it. You don't have to do social media. There are literally hundreds of ways to get people's attention. Pick one that works for you and your budget. I'm going to break all this down in more detail, teach you how you combine and align branding, marketing and sales to build your business organically without spending money on marketing at the entrepreneur bootcamp. Can't wait to see you there.

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