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Spec the solution, the spec is absolutely key because the spec is the process that takes the vision in your head into reality. And if you do not get the spec, right, the product will live or die by how good by how detailed your spec, it's and you are specking, you need to design it with the MVP in mind. So what does the product look like that's going to market. But you also have to think longer term, such that it's architected in such a way that it can scale.

As far as I'm concerned, it's all about simplicity, you don't want something that's going to be complicated. It makes both your life very, you know, tough and complicated. And also that of your initial customers and clients to take your MVP and be comfortable with experimenting. And when you do experiments, the first tenant of experimentation is expecting to fail, you need to be comfortable with failing, right? You need to write a hypothesis think what do my customers like. And you'd come up with a list and you choose one. And you test that as an additional feature for the MVP. Initially, also, I wouldn't waste time and money on the niceties of a product, you don't want to strive for perfection initially, you just want something that works. Find a client and initial client base, who can give you easy feedback. So friends family.

and the more we think of the different workflows that we have, as we're building our prototype or developing our product, the easier it will be to foresee what happens and to take things to a different direction. If they don't go exactly according to plan. You have a workflow that's defined, every time we have an update, we have to do A, B, C, D and the minute you know that those are the steps that you have to go through. Now it's just a matter of defining, okay, what are those steps and how many documents do I have to update and then how do I make sure I cover all of those documents? And the minute you see the repetitions coming? That's where you go, Okay, wait a minute. Now, what can I automate? Now automations don't necessarily mean more code and more development

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