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  • How to identify the best mechanisms or source of funding

  • Identifying if you are selling out 

  • How to find strategic investors that will add more value than just cash

  • How to  acquire cash injections that will help you scale your businesses


Trevor Gosling

Co-Founder | Lulalend

Trevor Gosling is a chartered accountant, former investment banker and entrepreneur who has worked globally with Goldman Sachs and Rand Merchant Bank. His last e-commerce venture, 5 ounces, was acquired by the Naspers Group in 2013. He continued to work as CEO after the acquisition. Passionate about helping great South African companies succeed, Gosling founded Lulalend with a vision to make access to business funding rapid, transparent and accessible.


Walter Thamaha

Enterprise Development Manager at IBM

At IBM, Walter Thamaha is responsible for developing and implementing a robust SME investment strategy. He works closely with tech SMEs, IBM’s channel team, distributors, marketing and operations teams to ensure that collaborative efforts drive business results and achieve the desired return on investment for both IBM and the SMEs. He has served as chairman of Sage’s Enterprise and Supplier Development initiative, where he spearheaded Sage’s first SMME development strategy.

He holds post-graduate diplomas in innovation and design thinking from the Emeritus Institute of Management in Singapore, digital business from Wits University and is pursuing a master of management in digital business with Wits University.


Josh Romisher

CEO: Venture Finance at LaunchLab

Joshua Romisher, CFA – is a serial entrepreneur with a wide array of ventures, including a boutique investment bank in New York, solar irrigation start-up in India, frozen yogurt franchise in San Francisco and solar home systems across Sub-Saharan Africa.


His mission is to create impact at scale with a specific focus on climate. He is driven by the opportunity to provide hard working people across the globe with the platform to put their skills to work in affecting positive social change.


Meagan Rabe

Head of SME Lending and Strategic Partnerships
Sasfin Bank

Meagan Rabe’s passion is to grow and develop SME lending in South Africa. Her drive to grow the lending portfolio at Sasfin has helped her understand the challenges SMEs face. She uses this insight to coach and help incubate accelerator programmes for start-ups.

She has recently driven the implementation of Nasira – the world’s first portfolio guarantee from the FMO, Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank to the value of R600 million. This will be used to further unlock the lending support, which Sasfin Bank can use to support small business in South Africa.

Your business is growing, you’ve positioned yourself to be in a great space where you have clients and you’re moving in the right direction.


So, you find yourself at a crossroads, in order for your business to grow you need assistance but on who’s door do you go knocking?


It’s essential for any company to continue to expand and grow their existing business, so it must have capital. 


As a business owner, it’s crucial that you understand why you may need additional business funding and, more importantly, at what time should you seek additional business funding.

Learn more funding

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Identify the signs that your business needs funding to survive

  • Understand your funding options

  • Choose the best source of funding your business

  • Discover effective incubator programs

  • Negotiate with suppliers

  • Consider when to bring in outside Investors


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Trevor-Gosling | Co-Founder | Lulalend


At Lulalend our mission is to help SME's grow and prosper. That's why we've partnered with OnlineX to bring you the best tools to ensure your business is financially strong.

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