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  • Get ideas on how to put together an App & Tech stack that will help you spend less time on laborious admin and more time on building profits.

  • The “one-touch” principle. Learn how to eliminate unnecessary, repetitive and non-value adding tasks.

  • Discover how to streamline processes, improve efficiencies and save costs by moving away from old fashioned and time consuming accounting processes to a seamless, cloud-based solution.

  • Transform your business by building the right tech stack.

  • Understand the benefits of operating securely in the cloud.

  • Find out how your data can be securely stored in the cloud and accessible anytime on any device.


Cor Schutte

Automation Specialist |

Cor Schutte has spent the past 16 years crossing continents to help businesses make sure their tech works together and seamlessly.
His specialist automation agency builds custom process automations that scale operations for growth-stage businesses.

In this talk, he will open the doors to his cloud-based, low-code approach that allows for rapid process re-design and deployment that increases capacity, reduces costs and establishes control. Do you want your business processes to be more efficient? Do you worry that you are doing yourself a disservice by hanging onto dead-end legacy business systems? Schutte is your guy.


Irit Levi

Founder | Day By Day

Irit Levi is a self-confessed workflow junkie and lover of all things tech. Over 11 years as a manager and an in-house product owner at a SaaS start-up have given Levi robust working knowledge of the best software and tools on the market.

Levi has a talent for transforming the 328 tasks on your plate into concrete, step-by-step processes that propel your business forward.


Willem Haarhoff

Co founder | DoughGetters Accounting™
Digital Accounting Revolutionist

With 20 rewarding years at one of the ‘Big 4’ accounting firms under his belt, Willem Haarhoff co-founded DoughGetters Accounting™ with Murray Barnetson. Together, they seek to play a leading role in shaping the future of accounting in South Africa and the rest of the world. 

You probably have too many systems and processes, right? There is your customer database (probably in excel or in your email system), your invoicing system (maybe its manual or some POS solution that is controlled somewhere else by the POS creator.)


Then there is your bookkeeper who collects all your documents at the end of the month and pays someone to capture all your transactional data into their accounting software. You might also have a stock management or other operational systems.


The bottom-line is that none of these systems "talk" to each other. And too many ‘cooks in the kitchen’ mean that documents and figures go missing. So you simply don't have a handle on any aspect of your business intelligence. 


Can this battle ever be won? The answer is a resounding yes.


Forward-thinking companies are consistently looking for ways to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and enable the business for success.


Find out how to supercharge your processes using the latest tech & tools. Simply.

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In this session you will learn:

  • How you should define a basic workflow for your company

  • How to build the ultimate tech stack that will help you grow your business

  • The cloud demystified

  • Where to start today

  • How to integrate functions seamlessly

  • The benefits of automation

  • Ensuring data security

Pierre Badenhorst 
Sage Head of Accounting Practices

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Sage is here to give companies the very best solutions to take control of their business finances. That's why we were drawn to sponsor the Tech Stack session - jam-packed with solutions for helping your business survive and thrive in these challenging times.

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