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3 Important Google Data Points for Online Businesses

The first data point we're going to look at is impression share. impression share is your share of voice as a percentage that represents your share of voice in the competitive market, you are competing and this is determined by one, what keyword is decided to bet on and two, in what geographical area we are targeting with the budget we have got.
So essentially, the more keywords you adding, or the larger your geographical region you want to target, the more budget you're going to need to complement that because at the end of the day, with a finite budget, it's very hard to be everything to everyone, if they are 100 people in the room and it costs you one ranch to be teach people think of the chances of converting if you only come to the table with five rooms, your exposure and setup that we've created in Google ads is essentially a function of budget, and you need to be adjusting your budget, or essentially, you're going to land up spreading yourself way too thin and try and give everything to everyone where you can't, it's always going to be an opportunity, we need to start off smaller, start off at the top, and then start expanding as we read. And as we learn your impression share, we need to look at how we can close the gap between leads and sale. So even though you're engaging online, and even though people are searching starting off the journey on Google, they're picking up the phone and they want engagement on the phone. But you need to ask yourself, are you tracking these calls, we've got a proprietary software that we use to track and record and pull back that data into Google ads that we use. If someone's calling who's answering and then they you spending a lot of money generating leads and your and your best salesperson organization answering it what's going to happen I'm sure you guys can all think about personal experiences, where you have been thrown around a call center or just waiting for three, four minutes. If someone's sitting for too long, trying to get hold of you they're going to put down you're going to lose that lead. Often we see these keyword strategies that we're putting that guys try put forward or way too broad and then not essentially driving the right target that the search queries to your business. And at the end of the day, as I said earlier, we need to look at impression share. We've got to look at first starting off small rather look at solution based keywords and start there's your poll and then move up.

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