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3 Tips for online businesses

People underestimate the value of mobile. And why a mobile website is so important in 2020. Interesting fact that Africa is one the first country in the world to mobile traffic to overtake desktop traffic. Google has recently changed its back end algorithm to penalize websites now that are not mobile friendly. Seeing it as a fundamental part of the user experience. We often see is God and the values, the importance of Google My Business. So if you asking what Google My Business is, this is the modern day Yellow Pages, and it's completely free. And essentially, this is an online directory for people to locate your business. And understand all the basic business information like operating hours, numbers, third party reviews, product pictures, your team, your offices, at will allow you to design and control your presence on Google. Google, again, is trying to rank it and use the more predominantly image SEO rankings. So it's an easy win. And it's something that I'm sure you guys can all relate to. You're engaging on a day to day basis on Google.

Ensure your map pin is correctly placed every so often, because Google is a user based system, anyone can move your pin around. When setting this up, use a sustainable email, a company email that you guys can access no matter what happens, and make it a sustainable setup. Last point I'm going to talk about on Google My Business is third party reviews. And this is becoming huge. Google, once again, is thrown it into the SEO algorithm. It's really starting to see how you guys as business owners, or as businesses are engaging back to people online becomes a huge point with people in the decision making phase in deciding between your business and your competitors business. So my advice is to reply or reply reply even if it is a bad or negative comments. The more Google sees you replying, the more, it's going to see you taking part of the actual system.

We need to start looking at data over longer trends. Often the mistake business owners make is they make rash decisions based on small sample data, because there might be a sudden downturn in traffic or leads. My advice is to you guys, don't get panicked. You need to be patient, and have enough skin in the game to at least have 90 days worth of data in this marketing channel. When you're making decisions based on data when you making data driven decisions that need to be made with large data samples. We can analyze trends of data, rather than making decisions on anomalies.

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