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Caryn Sher

Jack Be Nimble

Caryn is a marketing enthusiast. She is the heart and mind of Jack Be Nimble, a Strategic Marketing Services consultancy. Her career has traversed through Business Consulting to Retail, Brand Management to Marketing Innovation, Portfolio Management to Capability Development. Caryn brings loads of experience to the table. She has worked for brands big and small, local and global, in product categories as diverse as Tech, Beer, Financial Services, Furniture, Cereal, Footwear, Pharma - you name it!

Our moderator (and referee), Caryn will make sure that the contestants fight fair and obey all the rules. She will ensure that there are no low blows and has the mandate to stop the fight if there is too much blood being spilled.

As an unbiased marketing expert, Caryn will extract the key points that you need in order for you to make an informed decision on which platform is best for your business.

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