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Matthew Wilson

Founder & CEO:
CRPT Secure

Matthew is an 18 year old who has recently matriculated. While in his final year of school he founded CRPTSecure - a support structure for the security of personal cryptocurrency custody.

His company solves a problem that has haunted crypto investors for the best part of a decade and accounted for losses running to billions of dollars.

It is reckoned that up to 3.7 million bitcoin worth about $159 billion (around R2.4 trillion) – out of a total 18.5 million minted so far - are lost and probably gone forever.

He is passionate about the cryptocurrency space and has been involved in it in some capacity since 2017. Over the next few years he hopes to grow into a large and meaningful corporation that ultimately provides crypto users with sufficient peace of mind that their funds are secure thanks to his service\

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