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Nick Dreyer


A late starter in the entrepreneurial world, Nick opened his first business at 37 years old. Prior to that he studied hospitality and worked as GM at Ellerman House in Bantry Bay, which is considered one of the greatest hotels on the globe. There, Nick met the world - from the Kardashians to Wolf Blitzer.

At Ellerman House he also became obsessed with Art and studied it so ferociously he ended up as a Director of Everard Read, Africa’s iconic dealership and Director of the Museum of African Design.

Nick then started Auriti, an art advisory business and travelling exhibition business that successfully hosted major entertainment exhibitions in multiple cities in SA.

Then came Veldskoen. It started off as a conversation between Nick and his friend Ross Zondagh. In five years, a local internet start-up with a 3x3 meter office in Woodstock, grew into a global fashion brand that calls Ashton

Kutcher and Mark Cuban shareholders.Veldskoen shoes are worn by royalty (now ex), sporting icons, music legends and more importantly, folks who love South Africa.

Veldskoen developed its own in-house agency and partnered with some of the greatest companies in SA, including Didata, and Nedbank.

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