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Nikki Elbaz

Email Copywriting Specialist and Strategist:
Copyhackers Agency + Nikki*Elbaz

Nikki Elbaz is among the world’s foremost conversion copywriters and email specialists behind emails for 8-figure brands like Shopify Plus, Prezi, and Sprout Social. She serves as Head of Email for The Lab by Copyhackers and also consults with brands looking to increase their email ROI. She’s an expert in using research to understand why customers buy (and in writing emails that make them do just that).

Nikki had dreams of becoming a copywriter ever since she was 8 years old. She fell in love with a marketing campaign from Heinz called “Talking Labels” (featuring quotes and witticisms on every ketchup bottle) and spent every childhood grocery trip pulling down every bottle (and annoying every manager).

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