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6 steps to getting your business online

There are many rules, they are all unspoken, and you learn them through the school of hard knocks. For example, the golden rule, don't sell rubbish, or don't provide terrible service, or don't think people are just going to stumble across your site. And then you will be a millionaire. The list goes on…

Step one: Start with a reason. And your reason is your business. And it always answers a problem. You have to have a reason for why you're launching this business. And more than that, why do you want to sell a particular product? Your product is the kernel that underlies everything you do. Make sure it is valuable. Make sure that it encompasses the philosophy that drives your business model.

Step two: how do you get moving? And this is called building your business model. You do this around your product. Basically, you figure out how many widgets you need to sell for how much to cover your costs for how long until you can start making some money.

Step three: Build to scale, that is how to build a business. That works. Okay. And I believe that we build to grow with scalable milestones, We see palaces built on shaky foundations in slums, with short lifespans and major issues. And we literally see this every day. And when I put it to you as a building, you guys can see it straightaway. But when I tell you this, as a website, you all buy cheap, all of you. And I don't like to build like that. I would rather build you a solid one room farmhouse this year, which you can sell 10 cars and then afford to build a room next year. And sell even more cars, while your neighbour has no cars to sell to fix this fallen down palace.

Step four: what platform to use. I have taken years to become a Shopify expert. And it's been a well considered process. And I have used all the other platforms. And now I don't deviate, if it's e-commerce, it’s Shopify, so just know that I am totally biased. But of course, you want to know what other platforms out there and why only Shopify. There is Wix and Squarespace So these are builders, they are builders, and they you know, anyone can do them.

Step five: how do you design a website to get selling?
Okay, first of all, you listen to your customer. We all think we know our customers, but very seldom do we actually listen to them. Listen, and they will tell you what they want. And this is the user journey, this is actually Centaines job and her love. Listening to them means watching how they behave on your website, and listening and changing the site accordingly. If they are not buying and you believe in your product, then you are not listening to them.

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