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​​I can tell you from personal experience with what we've gone through until you've seen this, and you know, when this whole Coronavirus started going down, I had a bit of an arrogance thinking, Oh, we digitally online, you know, it won't affect us. And a lot of our clients were tour companies and international tech companies and hotel chains, and we saw a massive, massive drop of clientele. And a lot of revenue was taken out of the business. And obviously we got a bit worried and we started getting things going. And what we did see through, and after that week or so was that there was a huge surge in leads coming in.

So how can we get online, you want to take this time to take our business online, you know, during that lockdown got to be a few weeks, how can we maximize it? And so it's been a massive surge. And it just is an indicator that this is where it's going, you know, tons of massive companies Shopify now I mean, just generally massive companies throughout the world who are now going remote, they become your remote, first type of business. And then all them there'll be a minor office physical bricks and mortar office for them. So it definitely happened. And there's no better time than now to jump on that bandwagon.

And it doesn't really matter which camp you fall into, because for this presentation, everything is going to be relevant to you. Which is which is key. And whether you're starting out, we have established business for over 20 years, you'll see the value in what we're saying as we go through. So the truth is that even if you sell a product, right, that's not aligned. So you're not an e-commerce store, like you think I'm online, e-commerce is definitely not the case, because everyone else is online. And that's key. Because your potential customer is going online to find you. So if you have a billboard, if you if you own a billboard, if someone sees you while they're driving, if you place an advert in the paper or the magazine, the first thing that your customer is likely to do is go online, go to Google type in that business name or that that service provider, hit search and try to find that person online. So whether you have a site or not people are online, and therefore you need to be aligned, because they're going to go out and look for reviews. So we have to understand that the world is dynamic, that people are dynamic, and your business needs to be dynamic to cater for that. So if you don't have a website and you think you need a website, because you're really getting work, you Getting work already from word of mouth or whatever it is, you're losing the race into town not to sound hectic, but you're losing the race. And if you ever thought you think it's good enough, as is, you're probably losing race as well.

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