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I'm going to recommend ways that you can improve your users' experience this Black Friday and going forward. I'm hopeful that you will be able to put many of these changes in place before Black Friday, and if you haven't, I'm confident that they will still benefit you to have in place in the long run. What you're going to learn from me is about structure, how to guide users through the user journey, text - how to use language to improve user experience, visuals - user interface do's and don'ts for Black Friday, as well as features and systems and resources that are available to you. How to guide users through the journey, guiding users through your website has a lot to do with the navigation of your site, as well as the hierarchy of the information that they are shown. The first thing that you need to do is to plan the journey.

So what process should the user follow, they should hit your website and swiftly be able to choose a range to shop. That means they need to find your Black Friday range with ease. Ensure that the Black Friday portion of your offering has some constant visibility on your sites, whether that's on your homepage or on a header banner that you can see throughout wherever the user is on the site, and definitely on your navigation bar. And then from the Black Friday category, the user should be able to sort through products to find what they want using filters and subcategories. All the relevant info that they need to compare specials and prices should be on hand at the category level already, so that they don't need to click through to the product page to see what they need to see and to compare.

On the product page all important product specs and delivery info must be clearly stated, and any conditions should be clear. Product page all your important product specs and delivery info needs to be clearly stated conditions especially Black Friday, related conditions need to be clear. And the option to add to the basket is the most important thing on this page. So that needs to be the most visible thing on the page. After this, adding delivery addresses and making payments should be a very streamlined process, so as to avoid losing anyone at this phase, especially after they've shown high intent. So don't have any distracting elements here and keep everything very linear and functional. To keep users on the path that we've described, you need to ensure visibility of the next step. Think about what users need to interact with, to get from where they are to where we need them, and how we can make that really visible and easy to use. So consider what color size and effects could improve visibility of that next step on your page. Add icons to labels to make options obvious and clear. These should be recognizable and understandable at a glance. Furthermore, think about placement of elements on a website, have a location where users expect to find it call to actions usually on your bottom right of a page. Your navigation is usually along the top menus or profile options usually top right.

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