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E-commerce companies scale really well, but the logistics or the fulfillment part doesn't. In other words retailers traditionally want to curate, they want to find nice products, when they sell products, what they do is they don't actually pack boxes, once you've got the order, like the euphoria and everything you get from that sort of falls away, as you actually need to now start packing boxes and getting things going. And what's interesting is that the traditional supply chain around e-commerce is, or performance is not really focused on SMEs. They focus on these big companies in pallets of goods around the country. And so you have to kind of work out how to do this yourself, which is interesting and, and whether you're a massmart who we do work with, whether you're a small sort of individual selling homemade products, logistics is constantly the largest issue for distributors and retailers. That's the main story there.

So I'm going to try to be quite quick hereI want to finish it in like eight minutes. But basically, most people should understand this logistics process, you receive products, and you store them in your garage, in your house, in your warehouse in your bedroom, you receive an order, you take that order slip or picking slip as I call it, you go find the products you want, you put it into a box, you give it to the courier, you deliver it, you then have some sort of reporting to tell you what's happening with the order. And then you have to deal with the sort of returns process. And this is what we define as sort of the logistics process. At the same time, we run a sort of warehouse business. And this gives you some idea of the warehouse. So we run, this is a quarter of our warehouse. And as you can see, there's all sorts of interesting products being sold there. And a lot of shoe boxes on the top, which is interesting. And at the same time, what we do is we do like customised box distribution. So this is what the original superbalist boxes look like just so you know, give you some sort of idea of what we're doing. Right?

What's important in this whole process, at the same time is reporting on your key performance areas, to tell you what's happening with all your deliveries so that you know what's happening, I'm going to take you through this. But this is something quite unique that most people don't look at. And they just want to make you aware that it's something important for you to have a look at this to understand what's happening with all your deliveries. So it's one thing to give your delivery to the courier another thing for you to actually know what's happening with him. And let's start with the sort of at the same time we compound that with a bit of Black Friday. And you get ready for what's happening. So let me start with my views on what's happening.

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