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E-commerce Bootcamp | Build 02

One part of that planning phase, in order to plan your build, is choosing the right technical spec. We've been chatting about Shopify. It's a great platform that can be used for your E-commerce shop, but there are others as well. And then there's of course, building it from scratch, bespoke, which I think Billy is your side of the coin. Can you take us a little bit through? How do you choose the right technical stack?

Absolutely. That's actually a very good question, Richard. So as Melissa was saying, a lot of people start and they want to start small, and they don't really know. And we have quite a few people that come to us, and they want to automatically start custom. And often it's, they just want an app, because an app will solve everything you know. And so our process is to make sure that the person is in fact fit for a custom development. Because there are a lot of solutions out there that are a better fit than a custom development in many, many cases. In fact, more often than not, I would say,in your ecommerce space. So you say that in more cases than not, you're actually going to want to go for something that's a bit templated that is a bit boilerplate rather than going for build from the ground up? Absolutely. Especially if you're starting off.

So what you know, when you are starting off, you want the most bang for your buck, right? you often have a limited budget, you know, if you've won a grant or you've someone throwing in, you know, hundreds of millions or something, we will help you spend that money, absolutely. But most people are not in that situation. And so they need to be the most efficient. Even when we send people away, we know that eventually when their business grows, they will probably come back to us or need our guidance at some stage. So we do look at the best fit. And depending on the specific case there's certain times where you want to do custom. And I would say that those times are if you've assessed what is out there in terms of the out of the box solutions, and you've come to the conclusion that this just won't cut it, you must remember that it's much easier and actually cheaper to change how your process is to fit with an out of the box solution, then to put money into it, and to build the custom way that we are doing our operations now.

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