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E-commerce Bootcamp | Deliver 05

You need the inventory tools to track your stock, you need to have the systems and the printers and the shelves and the space so when you start getting to a space where you're doing 20/30 orders 50/100 orders a month, you need to get to a level where you ask yourself “Can I continue doing this myself? Or do I go and outsource it?” It all depends on where you are in your business.

I think we get that question a lot. In that sense, should we outsource? Should we do it ourselves? And I think it really depends a lot on your product. And as you say it depends a lot on where you are in your business. But keep on analysing, it is important. Obviously I think ecommerce merchants that make use of Bid or buy and they've got their own online stores as well. And they're selling on different marketplaces. Maybe from your experience, what would you say is the model that gets used the most? I don't know if you can answer this question. Do you find that people usually do it themselves? Or you're maybe just from your side from the marketplace experience?

I always chuckle to myself when we go and visit a merchant online. And you know very often they have an established website and you go and visit them. Maybe it's the house and then you see that in the lounge that's been taken over by product boxes all over the place that was the garage and they're using this as a warehouse. And so I think there's a bit of a journey that goes on. Most people starting out try this themselves. They don't have any Inventory management systems, they don't have a warehouse, and they try to ship items from their own house. But as things progress, and as businesses go on, very often, they need a warehouse. I think when you get to a certain point in your business, that progression takes place. And I think it's also a question about asking yourself, what do you want to spend your day doing? And how many people do you want to employ? And I think as business gets, you know, to a certain scale and level, and we see, many of the merchants shift to either managed or, or they invest in some sort of warehousing.I always laugh because you get this online presence and the only thing a customer has to see is this website. But what goes on in the background is very different. And so I would definitely say it really depends on the state or stage at which the merchant or seller is in. Very often, they start off even having a single courier, and they use this courier, and sometimes they progress to having multiple couriers. And what inadvertently happens in the end is that using some sort of warehousing and inventory management is where we see the larger, very successful merchants ending up.

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