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E-commerce Bootcamp | Market 03

I think the start, stop, especially in digital, is a big set back And it's actually a case of,if you just kept some of your process going, and work a little more from an agile perspective, while having a good footprint, or good thinking from the beginning, you can actually start to adjust yourself and either correct or maybe even find some advantages. I know one of the big misconceptions about the specialists, they say build it and they will come is the same as this, I don't think it's as prevalent but it used to drive me insane. Is that now that digital is free, if I do a post on Facebook, people will see it on Facebook and come, I guarantee you as a business on Facebook, the chance that someone is just going to see it is zero you have to be willing to spend on these platforms. And Brett I know particularly from a paid search perspective. I mean, I work with it only on the SEO side of the search engine, organic side. But what do you have to say about that about thinking or, or approaching it from a paid perspective?

Echoing all your guys' sentiments, I think, really, it's about starting with the end in mind. I think the biggest mistake I see tons of business owners make is not having any commercial objectives set out on where they're actually looking to go with their marketing. And when they don't critically evaluate and have those internal discussions, inherently 90 days or 360 days down the line, they'll end up disappointed. So I think, you know, really, this is not about building it and they will come it's really about, build it, spend marketing, put marketing dollars behind it, analyse the data, iterate, and then from there, hopefully, more will come. I think there's a time and a place for each one of these marketing channels, which I'm sure will go into more detail in your business lifecycle. And there is the right time in the right place for SEO, social, paid Google Marketing, and so on. But each of these channels have their pros and cons. And each of them require different marketing investments, and just making sure that you're primed for that investment at the right time in your business lifecycle is very important.

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