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E-commerce Bootcamp | Plan Tips

One of the things that we had to do was to look at the size of the e-commerce space in South Africa, it was very clear that, you know, some of the categories such as groceries, were not online for a number of reasons it was challenging things like coaching, but over and above that, it was clear that it's gonna be hard for us to go and exceed the 1% of total sales in retail, because a lot of reasons as to why you'd want to exceed 1%. Things like connectivity, for instance, would drive that the speed of the Internet, how many people have got access to that? So understanding those figures, will then also help you to see if you should be doing this or not.

And we need to answer the question, why do I want to go online? What am I going to be solving? What is my North Star?

So the North Star is to know who your ideal customer is, understand what their journey is around how they would apply your product or service. And then at that point, look at the relevant channels and platforms to be able to reach it. It's okay not to know exactly who and how many, right from day one. But it's good to have a target that you can test.

Is it going to be beneficial to build something from scratch, or is it better for me to go Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress? In terms of selecting one you really need to get the one that is specifically for your business, say there are two options, an app and a website, you have to think about the cost versus the return.

Understanding who your customers are, who they bank with and how they are most likely to pay is going to be really, really helpful. So there's lots of different instant payment options available, but all have different fees. So decide what fees you want to absorb yourself as a business and what you want to pass on to the customers that's going to play quite a big role in that decision making process.

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