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UX is not about making things look pretty. It's about very easily allowing the customer to do what you need them to do. And the way that we think about it is to create a frictionless journey. So it should be as easy as possible for a customer to buy what we sell. And of course, design is important. But what you need is somebody who also really is interested in data. And that's going to help you significantly turn leads or whatever you're trying to do into sales. More so than just design.

The idea of form follows function has been around for a really long time. It's something that we all know about. But we don't employ and essentially what it says is that you shouldn't do anything, you shouldn't design anything, add anything to your product that doesn't have a purpose, and UX design is the same
Consumers are only at an e-commerce website for two reasons. The first is they believe that you can help solve a pain or need that they have. And second, once they've determined that you can, they want to convert as quickly and easily as possible and then get on with their lives. So anything that gets in the way of those two things is really what I would consider bad UX.

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