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Planning for online | Andrew Smith

I'm going to talk more about the the Yuppichef story, and of the background, but also wanted to say a bit of context with where we are right now, as in April the 28th in South Africa, and to say this has been possibly the hardest five weeks of business life for me, the day before lockdown Thursday, at the end of March, we we kind of announced that we were going to be trading during lockdown. And then we kind of realized that we probably couldn't. And so we opened on that Friday of the lockdown. And we made no sales on that day. And it was like suddenly the oxygen had been turned off. And Yuppichef was a 14 year journey for us and we had made up our minds that this is it, it's over. We're probably considered a medium size business. And we are not going to be able to survive if we can't carry on trading.

I just want to kind of set the tone, he has to say, I think there's a large number of people who are probably confused and optimistic and maybe depressed and then maybe scared. And I think that we're all in that same boat together. And I certainly have been and I've given myself permission to feel all of those things at the same time to not feel like I can only be upset or unhappy or that I have to be optimistic or excited about the future that I can be both things at once. And so that's the kind of background that I wanted to give.

I've told the story many, many times over the years. But I never told in this context, the context of where we are right now. And this is really not about giving advice or giving some sort of general lessons for how to start businesses online. Or I'm not actually going to talk anything about the the tech involved in Yuppichef I want to talk more, I guess sort of story wise and philosophically and I'm going to try and cover three things, or at least I hope three things come out in what I'm saying.

Firstly is that Yuppichef didn't feel like a good idea in the beginning. So if you're sitting there kind of wondering whether maybe your idea is good or not whatever stage you're on your journey, Yuppichef certainly didn't feel like a good idea. So that's point number one. Point number two is that it took a whole lot longer than we thought it was going to. It certainly wasn't an overnight success. And the third point is that what has ended up becoming our unique selling point or our strategic advantage was not so obvious up front. It sort of emerged after we decided to start. So those are the three points that are going to try and cover in the story.

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