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Planning for online | Ryan Bacher

I'm very excited to be speaking to one of you, or 10 of you, not sure how many just on our UX journey at netflorist. So I'm assuming everybody can see my screen. So really what I want to do is chat a little bit about how we think about UX, what UX is, and how we apply it to netflorist.

I'm the MD of netflorist. I started the business 20 years ago. And we've often thought about UX and we use tools to help us in that journey. I'm going to speak very basically, if that's okay. And don't worry about taking notes. It's not that kind of thing. But I want to give you all a little bit of a taste of how we think about this. So firstly what is UX? So the three names floating around in the market right now for it? The first is the user interface. One is UX, which is user experience, and the other one is CRO, which is conversion rate optimization.

But all of it really, is to try and get a frictionless journey. So what does that mean is, in all of our businesses, we want our customers to do something doesn't matter what it is, whether it's to buy flowers in my business, to buy kitchen stuff in Andrews businesses coming on next and other things, or to do a quote if you're an insurance company, whatever that thing is, that you want your customer to do. What you have to do is remove the friction in that journey, you have to make it as easy as possible for them to do that thing.

And the reason why that's so much more important online than in physical retail is as follows. Because a physical retail store you drive somewhere. So if you picture yourself to, it's while ago for most of us, but if you picture yourself going to shopping center and walking into a pick and pay, and you need to buy groceries, you need to buy Kelloggs, the chances of you going in to that pick and pay and not buying their Kelloggs is small. Because you took the effort to go there. But online, it's not like that online. If you're looking for flowers, we've got lots of competitors, you can open up five different websites, you don't have to leave your house. So the idea of removing friction online is absolutely critical. And to make sure that the customer does what you want them to do, which is buy flowers, buy kitchen utensils, get a quote, whatever it is, doesn't matter. So that's what the frictionless customer journey is. And these are the three definitions of what you'll hear in the market UI UX CRO, it doesn't really matter. They're all kind of the same thing.

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