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Selling Online | David Marshall

Conversions are what it's all about converting a person to either a customer or helping them out. So
I'm going to talk about live chat and how that can increase your conversions. So after this pandemic, I think a lot of people are going to be educated in online shopping and want to spend less time face to face when they can. And so this part of the discussion is going to cover that.

The first slide I've got here is one of my customers, it's called TelJoy. And they successfully use live chat, not just for sales, but also for customer support. So you can see the live chat on the right hand side and they'll be chatting with Ray. They are using live chat to talk to customers. So let's imagine somebody comes on and they want to rent a TV, or a couch or whatever the products or laptops, they can also talk to a live chat agent who will assist them and even upsell, if possible. So the most important thing for Teljoy is a conversion, somebody who goes through the application process because TelJoy doesn't take payments online. You have to apply. It's a credit process. So our agents will assist people through all those technical questions about the application about delivery dates, about cancellations, all that stuff. So this is a perfect example of live chat for sales. But once the sale has been made, helping people understand where their product is, and getting to what they need. A lot of South Africans use their cell phone for online shopping. And so I've tried to make it look like well, what does it look like when you're shopping online. And we'll start with Renault on the left. A person will go, they'll look at the site, find what they want and might have questions. And what you can see there with a live chat that actually makes it a lot easier to get answers.
Let's talk about car sales. It could be pricing, it could be application for finance, it could be specs, live chat really does make it a lot easier. Also, please note that statistically, 52% was done in 2009. Looking back at 2018. So you can imagine what it is now 2020 and what it will be going forward. I'm going to start with the benefits of adding a new live chat or a smart chatbot to your website, and also cover the few obstacles. So the purpose of this presentation is our first one to distinguish between a chatbot, which is pre programmed conversations with no human interactions, and a live chat that is human only, a human speaking directly to your visitors. The first and most important feature of live chat should be that it generates sales and increases conversions. Secondly, it should reduce inbound customer service and support calls to your teams. And you can only do this by offering a superb support function.

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