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WordPress vs Wix

WordPress V. Wix. I don't have to tell you that these are among the most popular online design and publishing tools out there, known as great choices for both beginners and experienced developers. But which one is right for you? So if I had to tell you that when I first started out in brand management, a website was not a given, I might just be giving away my age. But if we contrast that to today's thinking, if you haven't got a digital presence? Do you really exist? Nobody disputes the value of having a website, but where we tend to come stuck is how we may have a business but we don't necessarily count web dev skills among our natural expertise in that role. And yet, we have to make decisions about what is probably our most important marketing tool. But fear not. Today, you're gonna learn a whole lot. Expect to be empowered with info about the ins and outs and the do's and the don'ts and, and get some tips and tricks that only the real experts are privy to.

Today, we've got two contestants in the ring. We're going to hear why WordPress is the best choice. And we're also going to hear why Wix is the best choice. But we all know that there can only be one best. Right? So these two fine gents are going to battle it out with me as the ref. In the red shorts. Can we have a drumroll please, is Dan Elkabir CMO at pixel village, he'll be telling us about why he loves WordPress. And in the other corner, we've got Mark Preston, head of digital at Hakim group waxing lyrical about Wix. We'll give them each about 20 minutes to give us a rundown on why they love their tool best. And then we'll have a bit of a punch up as I open up for a Q & A. So please, as they speak, as thoughts come to mind, pop your questions into the chat. And we'll try to get to as many of your questions as possible throughout the course of today's session.

Wix has got everything, basically you have everything you need, you've got 1000s of people behind you making sure your websites are secure. It's easy to implement it's drag and drop features plus the amount you pay for development costs is far less because they have less to do.

WordPress has got everything as well, you're right it's a little bit harder to do it as a go alone it's a little bit harder. I think people who are serious about business and people who want to grow don't need to do it alone. And I think you know that's how business works. You know your outsource your shipping you outsource your secretarial work you outsource your accounting I don't think it's a terrible thing to outsource development either rely on professionals who use this who reign so much of the world wide web, provide the technology you need to grow into pretty much everything and anything WordPress is phenomenal.

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WordPress vs Wix

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