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This all new 6 week webinar series draws on the best of our contributing industry leaders to provide our growing community with everything we need to know to survive and thrive online. 28 July - 1 Sep


FREE WEBINAR, priceless insights

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FREE WEBINAR, priceless insights

How to convert leads into
paying customers


FREE WEBINAR, priceless insights

Tips & tools to build a world-class
online presence


FREE WEBINAR, priceless insights

How to deliver on time and within
budget to a happy customer


FREE WEBINAR, priceless insights

How to drive volumes of the right
traffic to your website


FREE WEBINAR, priceless insights

How to measure and fine tune online strategies to improve performance & ROI

We cover:

  1. Launching an e-commerce offering quickly and effectively

  2. Stress testing and fine tuning your eCommerce playbook

  3. Choosing the right tech stack

  4. Driving prospects to your website

  5. Converting traffic into revenue

  6. Increasing conversion rates

  7. Understanding logistics and margins

  8. Measuring performance and course correcting


… plus lots more

The course will be delivered over 6 weeks with one interactive 60 minute webinar per week. Each webinar will be supplemented with course material and resources, interactive ama (ask me anything)  opportunities as well as an always on community discussion forum.


Each webinar will both be made available to all community members and edited down into bite sized engaging video content for all our social and partner channels.


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