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Free OnlineX Gathering

How to ensure your website is your

top-performing salesperson

Achieve increased conversions, lower bounce rates and higher engagement by building a clear web strategy and writing better copy.

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Terry Schilling

Global conversion copywriter and copy coach

Tuesday, 26 January 2021, 4pm-5pm

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​What you will take out:

  • Does your website copy grab attention and lead the readers where you want them? Are you even sure of where you want them and when? Copy isn’t all about writing a catchy headline. Small changes around your call-to-action buttons can lead to more clicks. Benefit-driven copy is more effective than highlighting all your features. We’ll walk you through a live website audit to see areas where you can improve the customer experience with better copy.

  • The best place to start building your strategy is by understanding who your customers are and what motivates them. Once you discover their pain points, you can adapt your plan and copy based on their needs.

  • Learn the top three things that great copy achieves and how to incorporate them.

  • Find out the most effective words and phrases to include in your marketing copy.

  • Schilling will teach you about the five stages of prospect awareness, based on Eugene Schwartz’s book, Breakthrough Advertising. Through these stages, you will learn new techniques to build a clear strategy and write great copy.

  • Understand proven copywriting tips based on psychology and how you can quickly incorporate them into your writing immediately.

  • Learn simple strategies that are guaranteed to help you write persuasive headlines for your website, sales page, content or subject lines.

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Terry Schilling is a sought-after conversion copywriter and brand messaging strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs and small to midsize business owners communicate their great ideas onto the screen. His copy is behind brands such as Airbnb, Joybird Furniture, Russell Investments, Sixty Hotels and Brooks Brothers.


Schilling believes that great copy tells people how cool they can be, not how cool you are. With the right words, you can attract your ideal customers and keep them coming back. 


In addition to copywriting, Schilling is an active content creator for the copywriting community. He shares copywriting tips on The Copy Corner podcast. Whose Tagline Is It Anyway? is a live marketing game show where Schilling and a guest create a tagline for a real product in 25 seconds or less. In 2020, Schilling also started The Copy Co-Op, an online Facebook community to connect with creative business owners and freelancers with resources to help tell their story and grow their business. 


In this session, Schilling will take us on a journey of website copy discovery. He will unpack key tips and tricks to ensure you achieve increased conversions, lower bounce rates and higher engagement with customers.

This talk will be moderated by local conversion copywriter Eliana Cline. 


Cline is part maths geek, part word-worshipper. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Witwatersrand in mathematics and now uses her obsession with data, love affair with words and interests in human psychology to write copy that results in action. 


She writes web and email copy using science, behavioural psychology and engaging writing to help businesses get more quality leads, conversions and market share of voice.   


In this session, Cline will share her own copywriting expertise. She will work with Schilling to guide you on how to avoid costly website copy mistakes and will help you on your journey of making your website your top performing revenue generator.

What you can expect:

  • A 15-minute intro to writing copy for websites

  • Live website teardown, where we will analyse the effectiveness of local websites

  • We’ll go through some best practice websites

  • Q&A

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